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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where is Nepal?


2. Meals and food choice

a. In the Kathmandu Valley, many types of foods are available since there are many different types of restaurants of varying price ranges and nationalities. In the villages, the food options are much more limited. Since this is a custom tour, you can let me know any dietary needs and we can work together to try to ensure that your needs and desires are well cared for. We can bring you to or schedule in your meals and/or can guide you to restaurants that we recommend. The adventurous and free to also try whatever foods they might like to try, but some lessons on what to look for to ensure food safety will be given at the beginning of the trip, and we ask that you please do keep these concepts in mind.


b. Dietary Restrictions:

Vegetarian foods are very common in South Asia, so being a vegetarian is usually not a problem. Since rice is the main grain in their diet avoiding wheat is generally not a problem either as long as we know that may be an issue. Spicy or not spicy food can both be available. Please let us know of any other dietary needs you may have ahead of time and we hope to be able to accommodate everyone.


3. Lodging

Before you leave for your trip and final prices are set you need to specify what you may be visualizing for you desired accommodations. A 5 star hotel? A simple, yet clean and friendly guest house? Staying out in a village?


4. Safety Issues

a. Maybe don’t bring your top dollar pre-War Martin guitar. If you want to bring an instrument along that is great and it is up to you what you bring. I, personally, would recomend bringing one that will not cause enormous hardship just in case of accident as plane travel is involved and it may be fun having one along tha will not cause you too much stress or worry. Although things are generally very safe, accidents can happen.

b. Vaccinations

c. Travel Insurance- Travelers Health InsuranceI have had great luck and service from this company for travelers health insurance, but you are free to use whatever policy you may chose if you care to  take out a policy. Your own health insurance policy from home might be fine. Whether you have normal health coverage or not the travelers coverage can be a good idea and can be bought for just the length of the planned trip.


d. Medications-Please bring whatever medicines that you may regularly need to take with you. Normal cold medicines are generally available there, but if you are loyal to a particular brand we cannot promise that they will have that particular kind. There are pharmacies there, but the brand names will often not be used, but the actual medical name or generic name for the drugs, so just in case you might want to know what that name is.


5. Passport and VISA requirements

a. You will need a current passport.

b. The Nepali VISA can be obtained upon arrival. You will need to already have 2 passport pictures with you for the VISA. If you do not have those pictures on hand, there is generally a photographer who can take your picture and charge you and present you with two passport quality pictures in the airport, but your picture of you will have that great look one has after a long flight. J



6. Customs and Cultural Do’s and Don’ts

a. Do try to remember always that while traveling to another country you are always an ambassador. Please try to remember that a smile and patience are the best way to usually get things done.

b. Upon arrival I will give a little talk and provide you with a hand out and address some cultural differences and points of interest that can actually be quite fun to ponder between the culture of Nepal and the Western countries.


7. What to pack and not pack

Nepal is a somewhat conservative in terms of revealing attire. This means that skimpy, tight, revealing or low cut shirts for women tend to not be very appropriate. High-heeled shoes are not very common there and can be uncomfortable on the streets and ground which are not always smooth and even.

Other than that, bring comfortable clothes that can pack well. There are laundry services available, but having clothes that are easy care are a real bonus. Don’t forget whatever medicines you may need. If you have any questions you may feel free to email me with any ideas or concerns you may have in deciding what to pack once the basic plans for what you’d like to do have been discussed. Depending on your interests and the time of year that you would like to make your trip, different items may be needed or not needed.


8. Language learning and requirements

One does not need to know any language skills or have any interest in learning the local language. If one does have an interest some easy instruction there can be provided. Often just a couple of words to show that one has given an attempt will go very far  in bringing smiles to the faces around you.


9. Prices

Contact us to discuss prices, as they will vary depending on season, number of travelers, and your personal adventure plans.