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What are some of the arts, culinary, and cultural tidbits of Nepal?

Here are some youtube links to some videos we have made exploring some of the Arts and Culture so you can learn a bit before even landing in Nepal and get some ideas on things you might want to check out when you get there. 

Kukhuri Knives- The famous Khukuri Knives of the Nepali Gurkha soldiers.

Pottery of Nepal.

Honey- Amazing and unique Himalayan Honey Varieties.

Paper Making-Traditional Paper Making from the Lotka Plant.

Handmade bricks  and Terracotta Art in building.

Masks for religious dances- How do they make those amazing Newari masks?

Dande Biyo- A traditional village kids game.

Buddhist chanting- The Nuns of Nagi Gumpa chanting prayers and meditating.

Thangka Art Explained.

Moonshine- Traditional Moonshine Making of Nepal.

Tongba- Traditional high mountain alcoholic beverage made of millet seeds served hot called Tongba explained.

Paragliding in an option some do in Nepal that we can set up for those interested along with some other adventure sports for those interested. Nepal is globally highly respected as a paragliding destination. In our Pokhara day folks can also opt for boat rides, kayaking, zipline, bungy jumping, relaxing by the pool or lake, massages, etc. not only paragling. and a woman who just tried it.

Traditional Gandharba Music. This link is to an hour long documentary Tara made with some collegues, which is now on Amazon called The Mountain Music Project. There is also an accompanying CD with the project called "The Mountain Music Project" with folks like Tim O'Brien, Tony Trischka, Curtis Burch, Danny Knicely, Tara Linhardt, Abigail Washburn, Mark Schatz and more. Here is a link to the film on Amazon.


Woodcarving One of the things most remarkable in Nepal is trully the magnficent woodcarvings. There are Newari woodcarvering families who have been carving wood (and some carving stone) into giant temples, Hindu and Buddhist statues of all sizes, doors, windows, and all sorts of things that will be sure to amaze. We have yet to make a whole video on it since it is such a huge topic.


Dance  There are many ethnicities living throughout Nepal, each with its own rich music and dance traditions.

 If you are interested in trying to learn to do some of these things, tutorials can be arranged based on your schedule and desires.    

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