Music Arts Adventures

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Nepal Tours

I also offer opportunities following the tour and trek for people to volunteer teaching English as a Second Languge or to study some arts, crafts, languages, dance or music of Nepal. These are custom designed, and  can be very fun and laid back or more intense depending on your interests. For instance one may take a tutorial in:   

  • Bird Watching and Nature Hikes

  • Woodcarving

  • Nepali Cooking

  • Craftmaking

  • Kukhuri Knife Making

  • Sarangi (Nepal Fiddle) Playing

  • Nepali Drumming

  • Nepali Drum Making

  • Singing Bowl Sound Bath Therapy Training

  • Yoga

  • Nepali or Tibetan Dance

  • Pottery Making

  • Nepali Flute Playing

  • Mandolin or guitar playing 

  • Nepali, Newari, or Tibetan Languages

  • Meditation

  • And Many Other Possibilities!   Click here for more information.