Music Arts Adventures

We can offer multiple small concerts and jam sessions of Nepali music. You are welcome to come and listen, dance, or even join in. You can jam with your own instrument(s) and/or learn to play Nepali instruments.

Their traditional music is similar to American Appalachian Old Time music. The Nepali fiddle (called a sarangi) tends to be the main instrument in the music and is often accompanied by a wooden flute (called the bansuri)  and a hand drum, known as a madal (pronounced like the English word “model.”)

The traditional musicians of Nepal are living the life of what is now highly endangered in the United States and other places…what some might call real “Old Time music.” For instance, if a fiddler needs a new instrument, they go out cut some wood off of a tree and build themselves a fiddle (sarangi). If their tuning peg isn’t holding or needs to be replaced, they cut up some wood and make a new one. If they need some rosin for their sarangi bow, they go out in the woods and look for a pine tree and pull off some bark to get the rosin off the bark.

Not only can one plan on watching and/or playing traditional music with the traditional  musicians, but there are also options to learn how to make the instruments.