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What is so different about our tours? Our tours let you not just take photos and see the same thing loads of other people see. We let you make actual contacts and make actual friends with some amazing artists and musicians who are off the tourist routes. Yes, you can still see some UNESCO World Heritage sites and lovely views, but our intimately sized tours also let you sign up as a lone person or with a group and make new friends both with your fellow travelers and with the local Nepali people. We also offer components that let you actually try making local crafts, foods, and music, trying traditional dances, and much more. We often hear from our clients that our tour was a positive life changing experience as well as fun and enlightening. 
Does One Need to be a Musician or Artist to come on a tour? No! One does not need to be a musician, or an artist to come on a Music, Arts, and Culture Tour.  One just needs to have interests in such things and have interests in meeting people who actually make the art and music and live in authentic cultures. We have a great time on the trips and people generally come out of the trip with new life long friends that they made in our groups and along the way. Check out the website for video clips, photos, and testimonials from past participants.

OUR NEXT PACKAGE TOUR will be beginning on Friday, October 14, 2022. This is sure to be an amazing tour, meeting wonderful and creative people, doing and seeing so many unique and unusual things, and seeing truly magnificent views. We have a magical trek planned winding through villages and mountains heading toward up to a glacier  near the Tibet border areas. Contact us to find out all the specifics. We have itineraries to send out if you are interested and are happy to also answer any concerns you may have about the booking, the tours, the weather, what to pack, how good of shape do you need to be in, etc, etc. 

Do EMAIL US AND join our mailing list also if you even might possibly be interested in upcoming tours, so you can weigh in on availablities and other possible preference options. 


EMAIL US FOR ITINERARY AND DETAILS. (If there is a covid related travel issue prior to the trip deposits will be fully refunded.)

Music, Arts, and Culture Tour  Friday, October 14, 2022- October 21, 2022

Trekking Extension  Saturday, October 22, 2022-Saturday, October 29, 2022

Voluntourism  or Tutorials Extension  (Contact us and we can create  and customize your unique and wonderful experience.)

“Looking back on my trip, it’s one of the most meaningful trips I have done in my life.” (Olga 2019 tour participant)

Want to travel to Nepal and not worry with all the details and actually get to meet really cool interesting  local people who create great arts?

Want to travel but can't get a group of folks excited to go with you and you do not want to travel alone? Want a safe, secure fun way to meet some travel companions?

Discover worlds outside your own. Become inspired. Find empowerment and self-discovery. Make meaningful connections with new people. 

See and learn about World Heritage Sites. 

We can offer  small concerts and jam sessions of Nepali music as well as meeting people of varying expertise in arts as well as social and/or environmental projects.

Nepali traditional music is similar to American Appalachian Old Time music. The Nepali fiddle (called a sarangi) tends to be the main instrument in the music and is often accompanied by a wooden flute (called the bansuri)  and a hand drum, known as a madal (pronounced like the English word “model.”) The traditional musicians of Nepal are living the life of what is now highly endangered in the United States and other places…what some might call real “Old Time music.” For instance, if a fiddler needs a new instrument, they go out cut some wood off of a tree and build themselves a fiddle (sarangi). If their tuning peg isn’t holding or needs to be replaced, they cut up some wood and make a new one. If they need some rosin for their sarangi bow, they go out in the woods and look for a pine tree and pull off some bark to get the rosin off the bark.

One may also see and meet some various types of artists, craftspeople, farmers, shopkeepers, Buddhist monks or nuns, non-profit workers, and many more. For example, touring and meeting woodcarvers in an authentic woodcarving village is a truly special experience. 

(In March, October, or November the weather is usually lovely. Nepal is generally sunny and temperatures are in the 70's (Farenheit) in the daytime,  so it is a really lovely time of year to be there enjoying the sunshine.)

We do also offer some trekking options as well as tutorials or volunteering options as extensions after the main part of the tour. Contact us if you are interested in those options and we can email you an itinerary. 

A portion of tour proceeds will go to music and arts education programs for needy kids in Nepal. 

Click below to donate to music and arts education programs for needy children in Nepal.